09 February 2011

A little love...

Valentine's Day is next week, and although I don't really believe the hype, it is a great excuse to decorate using pink and red...

At M4M (Moments for Moms) last week, they made this adorable heart wreath, but I wasn't able to make it that day!! Luckily, my wonderfully crafty MIL had some supplies left over, and I was able to make one for myself... It was very simple - just a matter of tying scraps of fabric and ribbon onto a wire... Once it was complete, I had to convince Mark to put a nail in the door (yes, the one he JUST refinished in the fall after I, in a pregnancy-induced moment of frustration, had my FIL help tear off the screen door while Mark was out for the evening, resulting in a BIG unplanned project - oops!!)... It's a good thing he loves me so much!

In any case, I think it turned out nice enough to be the (self-proclaimed) cutest door on the street ;)

Then, yesterday I found a post for a free Valentine Subway Art printable (here), and I thought one more touch of pink would be nice... I just printed it on photo paper and put it in a frame I already had... Apparently, this Subway Art is all the rage right now - might have to give it a shot myself... I'll let you know how it goes :)



  1. Oh I like what you did with the scrapbooking page. And my heart does not nearly look as nice as yours! I'm looking forward to seeing your crafty things on here!

  2. SUCH a cute project! Man oh Man Lyn. You and I could make a killing at a craft show together ;)
    There's one here in Honduras around mother's day. You in??? ;)

  3. I love your heart wreath. I'm a big fan of using scraps of fabric in projects. I did a round wreath, but I'd like to try a heart shaped one like you did. I hope mine turns out as pretty as yours did.


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