13 October 2011

Some front door bling...

I've been thinking and thinking and thinking about this blog lately, and apparently just thinking does not actually translate into writing or posting! So here I am - trying again...

As always, I've been working on lots of little projects since my last post, and I've been having some fun with wreaths... I recently joined pinterest.com (seriously amazing - lots of inspiration for DIY, recipes, kid stuff, fashion, etc) and there are TONS of fabulous wreaths just begging to be made... Ever since I made the heart wreath in February (see here), my door (although beautiful!) looks very plain without something on it...

So, I made a yarn wreath for the first time a couple months ago... I didn't want to spend much on it and I didn't want to go to Michael's to buy a wreath form (because that store is WAY too tempting for a 2-year-old's hands!)... I remembered hearing/reading somewhere (probably on pinterest!) that you could make a wreath form using the foam wraps that go on copper plumbing pipes - so off to Rona we went! I found one that was long enough to make into a circle, and I think it cost just over $1.00... I followed the directions here, and voila - felt flowers and everything!

Unfortunately, I did not think about the weight that the felt flowers would add when I was duct taping the ends of my form together... After only a short time, my wreath started drooping... And drooping... And before I had to shamefully take it down, here's what it looked like:

My poor, sad, sad wreath :'(

BUT! Like I said before, my door looks too plain with nothing on it, so OF COURSE I had to make another! I even braved Michael's (with both children) and bought a proper wreath that won't loose it's shape... I was inspired by this wreath (SO gorgeous!) and learned to make a couple new flowers... I only have a few done, and they're not awesome, but I used pins to attach them this time, so they can be changed and rearranged when I make some more... Or other colours for different seasons!

 Thanks for reading!

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  1. That's great! I was thinking that you could probably take a coat hanger and put it in the foam piping to make it a little sturdier. How much was the wreath at Michaels? It might keep the costs down too. You should try and see how it works. They look awesome!

  2. Have you signed up for Michaels emailing list? They send you coupons on almost a weekly basis. There are also monthly coupons in the newspaper for 40% any 1 item. I have gone in there and purchased 1 item only on several occasions (1 button that was $4 was the funniest!). I don't think I ever pay full price at Michaels. OH! And if you have a teachers ID, it's 10% off entire purchase ANY day! :)

    Your wreath looks awesome! Can't wait to get home and craft with you. Perhaps you should have another baby once I'm ready to have one ;)

  3. Hi there! What a lovely wreath, your front door looks gorgeous. Mine needs cheering up a little I think :)

    Thank you for your comment on the Star pattern. I found the pattern on Ravelry HERE - http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crochet-puff-centred-star

    (Hope that link works) enjoy the pattern!

    Louise xx


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