04 March 2011

Friday Feature: Freezer Paper Stenciling

This one is for my non-sewing friends who read through my last post thinking "sewing machines have feet?" ;)

The other day I stumbled upon this video tutorial for freezer paper stenciling and I was amazed!! Apparently, you can use freezer paper (which I will be looking for the next time we head to WalMart) to create a stencil to paint designs onto fabric...

So, being a computer teacher (and NOT an artist), I put together a few simple designs using Picnik (awesome FREE photo editing site) that I think would be fun to use on onesies or t-shirts for my kids (or maybe your kids!)... Here they are:

If you're feeling inspired, head over to Picnik and have some fun... And if you'd like to tackle this project with me - let me know! :)

Thanks for reading...

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  1. I like the blobby dinosaur!!! He's so cuuuute... and in the immortal words of the Yeti as he picked up Bugs Bunny, "I want to hold him and squeeze him and call him George!"

  2. Awesome! I will definitely check out that site. Always so many creative ideas you have! I wonder if Joe Fresh would buy your designs. I thought of that company when I saw your creation. Actually you can just create and sell yourself! :)

  3. I'm game. I have at least 3 different freezer stenciling tutorials saved in my favourites... and a box of freezer paper in my cupboard! I've been meaning to try this forever but just haven't done it! Now to design something cool myself and pick up some blank tshirts! (ok, now if I weren't working fulltime, I'd make the tshirts, but instead, any ideas where to go get good quality tees in super small sizes (but not onesies!)? (-Katrina, since it won't accept my google account)

  4. These are all adorable! Jen V.


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